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December 2009 Newsletter
November 26, 2009, 11:08 pm
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75% Of Young Americans Unfit For Army!
December 2009 News Letter by Eldore Hanni



A shocking report resulting from our Standard American Diet and Pharmaceutical drug consuming American society. We have the most expensive health care system on planet earth and yet we have evolved into the most unhealthy nation in American history!
This short monthly health news letter is one of many being emailed across the country to hundreds of  consumers with intentions of sharing common sense natural health remedies helping fellow Americans realize that we need to be responsible for taking care of our own health. No wasteful Government Health Care System or Pharmaceutical drug company is going to do that for us! We may need to start restricting sales of junk food such as potato chips, all soda (including artificial sweetened diet soda), candy, and french fries being available on school campus causing obesity and diabetes. Also children should be eating protein for breakfast instead of dry cereals which contrary to TV commercials is really nothing but junk food unable to contribute to building healthy bodies.
During previous letters we shared about healthy food options as well as how to avoid the risk of seasonal health issues without submitting to dangerous flu shots and vaccinations. We shared information about benefits of cinnamon, raw apple cider vinegar, Vitamin D3, grass fed raw milk, and simple methods of destroying cancer cells using Glyconutrients and very inexpensive baking soda.
With this letter I want to introduce you to 100% Pure Essential Oils. which are probably the oldest effective natural medicine on planet earth. Called the blood of plants, all pure essential oils are distilled from plant life such as flowers, herbs, and tree bark I have much personal experience with Young Living Essential Oils distilled here in our country.. 12 years ago, in the hospital with incurable pneumonia, my family was called to the hospital for a last visit. I was not to leave the hospital alive. My wife brought my essential oil diffuser to my hospital bed which I then used to diffuse essential oil purification and Thieves oil beside my bed day and night. After breathing this aroma for a week, my pneumonia which antibiotics had no effect in reversing, was totally cured! I continue to use a number of essentials oils daily. Being very rich in oxygen, I  rub a drop or two under my feet every morning which oxygenate my blood within seconds. I also use a drop or two of Thieves Oil on a wet tooth brush every morning which totally seems to prevent all tooth decay and gum disease. I have not been to a dentist in 10 years.
Pure Essential Oils are more effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and pathogens than any drug to my knowledge. Contrary to drugs however, they only destroy disease causing anaerobic organisms, not healthy aerobic organisms. Also to my knowledge, there are no negative side effects from using 100% pure essential oils. Now during the Christmas season and continuing through the remaining winter months, we need to be reminded of the fact that our families are spending much of their time in enclosed facilities breathing in polluted air including dust mites, chemical residue from carpets and insulation in the walls of our homes. I therefore want to introduce you and your family to a new Ultrasonic Family Home Diffuser pictured above   which very efficiently permeates and oxygenates our living quarters with a pleasing aroma that kills dust mites and neutralizes chemicals in the air we breath.
This new Ultrasonic Home Diffuser is available from Young Living Essential Oil Company.
Phone: 800 371 2928. Customer price; $111.84. Preferred Customer price; $98.42. Control number; 394640. If you want to become an Essential Oil distributor to obtain an additional discount, you will also need an enrollment number; 16970.. The company currently has a Christmas special which includes a free bottle of Christmas Spirit oil, and a bottle of Orange oil, when purchasing your Ultrasonic Home Diffuser.
For your health and enjoyment



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