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February 2010 Newsletter
January 27, 2010, 10:33 pm
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14 Tribes Living In Total Health?
February 2010 Newsletter by Eldore Hanni

Yes, it’s true. There are entire tribes on this earth who are living in total health. No cancer, no
arthritis, no auto-immune diseases, no tooth decay. Not even an influenza attack. So why can’t our over priced medical profession study the lifestyle of some of these healthy tribal people to give us some choices in living in a truly healthy society. American people are some of the most generous people on earth. They have contributed to many – organizations hoping for a breakthrough in conquering sickness and diseases. Dr Leonard Coldwell NMD, ND, stated, “The medical profession with all it’s glory was created by John D Rockefeller to create salespeople for the chemicals he created”.He makes a good point about the apparent failure of the American Cancer Society, one of the nation’s largest volunteer health organizations, which collects over four hundred million dollars a year, yet has not produced a single breakthrough. So let’s face it. While we have some of the most skilled surgeons in the world, we can not rely on our medical profession to teach us how to live in total health.

Now here’s the good news;
More than 70 years ago, a dentist in Ohio, by the name of Dr Weston A Price, was quite disturbed about so many people coming to his office with crowded and crippled teeth which required corrective dental braces. He also noticed a total absence of this problem when studying pictures of people from some other nations. Dr Price soon closed his dental office, and for the following 20 years traveled around the world with his wife by his side studying quality of health
and eating habits of people groups and tribes in many parts of the world. He found 14 tribes who lived in total health. Dr Price and his wife actually lived with some of these healthy tribes for several years to learn about every detail of their lifestyle. I plan on going into more lifestyle details in future news letters, but in this letter I will try to give you some basic food eating habits.

All 14 tribes eat some grain, and vegetables. Some raw and some cooked The grain is always whole grain, and is always soaked in a little salt water overnight before using, All tribes eat some meat. Some eat more and some less. But they favor organ meat. Especially liver. They use a lot of fat in their diet. Home rendered lard (never hydrogenated lard) butter, coconut oil, olive oil, lots of cod liver oil when available. All of these tribal people consume up to 100,000 units of natural vitamin A, and two or three thousand units of Vitamin D3 daily year around.(from their food) They have a high mineral intake (from their food) Everyone uses a fermented cultured product or drink with each meal. Fermented products can consist of apple cider vinegar fermented drinks, sauer kraut, fermented vegetables, also yogurt, kefir and cheese. All fat is raw, and all milk and cheese products are consumed raw. As long as these people stay on their traditional diets, their children are born without deformities. They have wide noses and wide mouths with lots of room for a perfect set of teeth. Also their wide nostrils allow them to sleep with their mouth closed with no breathing restrictions. In rare situations, when a tribal person spends a number of months in a modern western city eating western food while pregnant, the baby is born at least somewhat deformed.. After witnessing this type of food related responses for more than 20 years, Dr Weston A Price became totally convinced there is no such thing as genetic inheritance. We are what we eat and what our ancestors ate .More later.
In His service


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