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February 25, 2010, 7:08 pm
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14 Tribes Living In Total Health! How Do They Live, Part 2
Why do Godly people insist on consuming the same adulterated food as the ungodly thus wasting much of their lives suffering and siting in doctor’s offices waiting to be treated for the same life threatening diseases as the ungodly. Why do we need to spend so much of our prayer life in praying for our friend’s diseases to be reversed. Why do we waste so much time and money studying diseases and how to reverse them, when we can study large groups of people all over the world who live in total health, happy, contented, and free of any degenerative diseases, (no cancer, arthritis, diabetes etc) where people often live in harmony without divorce, locked doors, police, and jail houses. As a chapter leader of the Weston A Price Foundation I feel led to design this news letter along with following news letters to share Dr Weston A Price’s amazing world wide research and discoveries as well as life styles of at least 14 tribal groups of people in many areas of the world who live in total health.
Currently about 70% to 80% of the food Americans are consuming, is denatured processed food loaded with preservatives and chemicals. Our dry breakfast cereals are not the breakfast of champions Kellogg’s and General Mills led us to believe. Some of you may know about rodent studies conducted many times in schools. Three groups of rodents are used. One group is fed
rat chow. Another is fed dry breakfast cereals such as corn flakes, cherios, coco puffs, etc. The third group is fed the cardboard box the cereal came in. The group eating the rat chow lived the longest. The group eating the breakfast cereals died within two weeks. However, before they died, they became extremely vicious attacking each other and becoming ill suffering horrible painful sicknesses until they finally died. The group that ate the box also died, but they died peacefully. So what does this tell us about the American Standard diet?  Is this what we want to feed our children before they go to school?
You are not likely to ever see any of these healthy tribal people eat the following;
Dry breakfast cereals, potato chips, donuts, french fries, fast food hamburgers, candy, white flour and sugar products, high fructose corn syrup containing products, pasteurized dairy products or juices, or meat from force fed animals
All grain is toxic unless first fermented (soaked overnight in water) Tribal people always use fermented grain to bake their bread. They also drink fermented drinks with their meals.. Tribal people only use original grains like Spelt, Barley, Rye, kamut, millet, etc. Never GMO or Hybrid wheat flour Americans have been using fo 90 years which is causing so many allergies.
Currently we are conducting weekly tribal health information classes.  We are training people how to prepare complete nutritionally balanced delicious tribal food products and fermented drinks for less money than people are currently spending for sickness producing groceries.  Next month we will present detailed choices even we Americans have, in living in total health!
In His service,

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