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June 2010 Newsletter
May 26, 2010, 11:33 pm
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GMO Food Killing & Sterilizing Humans & Animals!
June 2010 News Letter by Eldore Hanni

We are gradually winning the battle! The ‘High Fructose Corn Syrup boycott is working! As more consumers are reading labels and avoiding food products containing high Fructose corn syrup, returning them to grocery store shelves, we are gradually seeing this harmful GMO sweetener being replaced with less harmful sweeteners. I believe it’s extremely important that we likewise boycott all food containing Genetically Modified Organizems (GMO) to gradually force food producers and comercial agriculture to return to use and produce non GMO health producing food the way God originally created it.

We, at Farmstead Fresh Inc, already are leaders along with many additional small family sustainable agriculture dairy producers and organic vegetable growers, who are totally eliminating the use of any GMO crops and/or ingredients. Recently, along with producing some of the world’s most nutritionally balanced grass fed raw milk cheese products, we are also offering a new natural chocolate cheese spread which requires chocolate as an ingredient. We were soon informed that most chocolate in our country is genetically modified, and we may need to import natural dark chocolate from Europe where all GMO products are illegal. We however, are determined to keep all of our cheese products free of any GMO ingredients.

As more consumers are beginning to realize, we have an extremely corrupt Federal Food and Drug Administration! Most negative American GMO food research results are kept under lock & key hidden from American consumers. We do know that Beef & Dairy farmers are beginning to experience ever more negative animal health problems including fertility problems when feeding GMO corn & soy products to their animals. Just recently, animal research results from Russia stated that hamsters and rats fed GMO food products resulted in a high mortality rate among second generation liters, and about a third of the third generation became totally sterol.. When we consider the fact that during the past two years, more than 800 genetically engineered food applications have been submitted for approval, we may no longer need birth control medication for very long. After another 25 years, many of our third generation GMO food consumers will be sterol resulting in America becoming a handicapped, sick and unimportant country.

We, the American food consumers can stop the above from happening by accomplishing what the European consumers succeeded in doing 11 years ago. Do not buy foods containing GMO ingredients! Currently the main GMO crops are as follows; Soy, Corn, Cotton seed (vegetable oil) Canola (canola oil) Sugar from sugar beets (new GMO since 2008).

There is a very important and helpful web site; ‘Institute For Responsible Technology’, where .you will find a ShopNoGMO. Print out

Monsanto (responsible for most GNO products) is a very evil organization, which can be put out of business if 10 % of American consumers avoid their evil creations. Let’s do it!
For you health.


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