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Farmstead Fresh August 2010 Newsletter
July 25, 2010, 10:46 pm
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Hempseed,- The Super Food That Can End World Hunger!

Hempseed is one of the most nutritious food sources on planet earth. Contrary to what our government wants us to believe, Hempseed is not to be compared to marijuana. Hempseed can not be classified as a psychoactive drug! Because of the nutritional density of Hempseed, it could single handedly supply the entire world with it’s protein needs.

Hempseed is a complete protein, and contains more essential fatty acids than possibly any other seed. Hemp also contains edestin, which is a plant protein constructed entirely of amino acids which our body uses to build antibodies, enzymes, hormones, hemoglobin cells and blood clotting agents. In fact Hemp contains the world’s best globulin building materials. In addition to grass fed raw milk dairy products, Hemp is one of few foods on earth that contains the ideal ratio of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which protect our skin and cells from free radical damage, as well as being a great immune system booster. Hemp is also an excellent source of Minerals and trace minerals.

Hemp protein powder can be purchased in health food stores and is becoming ever more popular. It is used in place of soybean protein and added to products such as ice cream, chocolate bars, dressings, breads and even beer. Contrary to hormone imbalances caused by consuming soybean products, Hemp protein powder actually improves hormone balance.

In addition to being a super food, Hemp has thousands of additional uses, including, Building materials, rope, paper, fabric,, medicine, and even biodiesel fuel known as Hempoline which could help us become energy independent. Henry Ford actually experimented making methanol from hemp. He also developed a plastic car made from straw, hemp, and sisal.

Growing hemp can be a very profitable agricultural crop. It’s environmentally friendly, needs no pesticides, replenishes soil with nutrients and oxygen, and does not cause soil erosions. Hemp has been produced in many countries for thousands of years. The United States Of America is
one of few countries where it’s illegal to produce this crop without government interference only because it looks somewhat like marijuana.

We believe it’s time to draw a line in the sand. Yes we need government restrictions in some areas of our life. But healthy food is not one of them. We need to insist that these restrictive food laws need to be changed. According to our American constitution, no government agency has any right to tell us which food we can or can not consume. In America, what gradually has evolved during the past 80 years, is government for we the sheeple, instead of government by we the people! So lets notify our governmental representives. And if they will not listen, then we the people need to vote in an entirely new government! In fact, the need for an entirely new government is becoming ever more necessary. Even more than some of us care to believe.
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I have heard other positive information about hempseed. Do you have a hempseed supplier?

Comment by Holly

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