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September 2010 Newsletter
September 6, 2010, 4:34 pm
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Alternative Health Care Revolution nullifying the need for Pharmaceutical Drugs
September 2010 News Letter by Eldore Hanni

I’m old enough to remember health care in1940, when a doctor followed a snow plow to our house to care for my mother and the home birth of my little sister. Back then, there was no health insurance, and drugs were almost unheard of. Doctor’s fees were reasonable. Now 70 years later, what once was health care, has gradually evolved into a very toxic pharmaceutical sick care system annually robing people of billions of dollars. Thankfully, there is an accelerating alternative health care revolution taking place which I hope will gradually put Pharmaceutical
drug people out of business.

Personally, I take no drugs, and my Allopathic doctor has not seen me in 4 ½ years. I have pretty
much been using natural health promoting products to keep me healthy and very active even at age 84. Three main drug free health restoring products in my life which reversed Leukemia, incurable pneumonia, kidney failure, back pain, and arthritis, are Glyconutrients, Essential Oils, and systemic enzymes ( in that order ). 11 years ago, a German scientist discovered Cellular
communication. Our body cells have a need to communicate with each other to keep our body healthy and restored. The Glyconutrients fill that need. More recently, we learned about body cell memory. Not only do we have a brain in our head, but every cell in our body has it’s own brain
and memory which, during our entire life time, records every thing that happens to us, good or bad. We like to call them scars. But health professional people call them ‘tones’.

If a child grows up in a loving and respectful atmosphere, his or her body cells will have recorded pleasant tones. But, if a child is abused, and/or sexually molested, that child will have mostly negative tones which will even have a very negative effect on that child’s brain development often resulting in a very controlling spirit which can make peaceful relationships very difficult . Sometimes a victim with wounded tones may also harbor a lying spirit which results in negative emotions and low self esteem. My wife Beverly has a ministry called Theophostic (God’s light = Christ) which is quite effective in reversing those conditions.

Additional drug free natural health care services and ministries are becoming established all across our beloved country. Ever more people are becoming aware that we have been grossly deceived by greedy Pharmaceutical people. Quite recently I was introduced to a new health care ministry, Life Expression operates under the heading of Chiropractic, but their techniques are quite revolutionary. I personally was blessed in being able to interview a practitioner at this clinic located near Hazelton Pennsylvania. After studying spinal cat scans, they use gentle fingertip technology and methods in correcting damaged and negatively charged body cell tones which includes using gentle pressure and tapotement (tapping) along the spine to release tensions that ultimately affect the nervous system. Negative thought patterns are often reversed and bone structures are often corrected. Also headaches along with bone pain are often reduced or eliminated .Yes, your read correctly. Not only thought patterns, but every word spoken has energy leaving either a positive or negative tone. Our bodies, created in the image of God, seem to have a constant need for an ongoing spiritual relationship with that creator which also results in positive tones keeping us relatively healthy. However, to a lessor or greater degree, we live in a negative world which produces negative tones. Out Triune God however, is a loving God. He is providing us with a number of health clinic services designed to erase negatives tones and painful side effects from living in this world. Contrary to most medical health care entities, health ministries & new technology health services mentioned above are relatively inexpensive..
In His service


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