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Farmstead Fresh February 2011 Newsletter
January 27, 2011, 1:05 pm
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Can Stem Cell Technology Restore Inoperable Conditions?
February 2011 News Letter by Eldore Hanni

We are obtaining ever more favorable health results from using Stem Cell technology. Many so called permanent negative and irreversible health problems and even permanent brain damage situations are now being restored using donor stem cells. Until quite recently, most stem cell treatment clinics were established in foreign countries. However, now even the American John Hopkins Medical center is successfully using stem cell technology.

As stem cell technology becomes ever more popular, I believe there will be a shortage of available donor stem cells. But if given certain Glycobiology nourishment , stem cells also seem to be able to be produced by our own bodies. Glycobiology is a new science in food supplements which I personally successfully used in reversing Leukemia 14 years ago. I am one of many who have been sharing this new food technology information with friends for a number of years helping a number of people reverse ill health conditions. Of course there are pharmaceutical medical people who don’t want Glcobiology technology to become popular. Example;

A decade ago, a nurse in Pennsylvania was sharing glycobiology information with people desiring to use alternative methods in reversing their negative health conditions. While some of these people achieved very favorable results, there were always others who obtained very slow and limited results. She reasoned that if people took more product, they might get faster and more desirable results. So she developed a super dose recipe consisting of glyconutrient products which floods every important organ in the body thereby forcing all organs to work together in totally reversing degenerative disorders, as well as rebuilding body cells into total health. During the following 2 ½ years, this nurses recipe helped over 300 health challenged people with many kinds of ill health situations, some of which were terminal. Everyone who has followed her recipe without deviation, has gotten excellent results. Sadly, as this information was becoming very popular, this nurse received notice by certain authorities to cease and desist .Or suffer the consequences.

Personally, I have been consuming this modern day manna from heaven for the past 14 years. Now at age 85, I am healthy, drug free, and still very active as a businessman. Plus, my medical doctor has not seen me in 5 years. In closing, I will share a friend’s glyconutritional testimony;

“During the great housing boom of the 1990s I was working 14 hour days constructing houses in east central Pennsylvania. After several years, I began losing my health. My back was killing me. Also my legs became extremely painful. Doctors soon diagnosed me as having very severe spinal deterioration as well as calcium deposits. With Arthritis in every vertebrae in my body, I inquired about possible surgery. But was informed there is no way they could consider surgery. After being transferred to the orthopedic department for physical therapy, I received limited relief. About 8 weeks later, doctors informed me that they can no longer help me. I was sent home with a prescription for pain killing drugs, and was told I would soon be in a wheel chair in pain for the rest of my life. A friend soon introduced me to Glyconutrients. After consuming glyconutrients in bulk for 4 months, I noticed the pain decreasing somewhat. Then, one morning as I was getting out of bed, I was shocked to find out I no longer had any pain. My back now was healed and pain free. I now discontinued consuming glyconutrients which I later regretted.

Three years later I was diagnosed with two types of leukemia, prostate cancer, and testicle tumors. I rejected all chemotherapy and radiation medication. After 13 weeks of consuming large amounts of nutrients which included large amounts of bulk glyconutrients, doctors could no longer find any evidence of cancer. Glyconutrients are truly Heaven sent which I never want to be without!”

Robert Webb, Muncy Pennsylvania.


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