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Farmstead Fresh September 2011 Newsletter
September 2, 2011, 12:51 pm
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Raw Onions Can Keep You Healthy, or Make You Sick!

September 2011 News Letter by Eldore Hanni

According to information we received recently, raw onions can be very beneficial in Keeping us healthy. Cutting off the ends of fresh raw onions and placing them in small Dishes throughout the house has been known to absorb disease causing bacteria, including The flu virus. Raw onions have powerful antibacterial antiseptic properties. Raw onions Left overnight in dishes can be so loaded with bacteria that they actually turn black.

People are worried about Mayonnaise spoiling. But commercial Mayonnaise never spoils. Neither do potatoes spoil. But it’s the raw onion in the potato salad that becomes toxic when not immediately consumed. Freshly cut Raw onions should always be consumed within the hour. Left over onions, even when refrigerated overnight, are poisonous.

Fried onions on the other hand are quite safe to consume, but heat will destroy many health benefits of raw food. That’s why we at Farmstead Fresh Inc, are very careful to keep our Grass fed raw milk cheese making recipes at temperatures under 103 degrees.

We are being known for making some of the world’s most delicious, nutritionally balanced Grass fed raw milk cheese.

In His service,

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