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February 2012 Newsletter
January 24, 2012, 5:48 pm
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2012, The Year Of Preparation!
February 2012 News Letter by Eldore Hanni
There have been many predictions and warnings about what is to take place during the year of 2012. Most of those predictions are negative. While I normally am a very positive person, I don’t think we should be burying our head in the sand and let come what may and not prepare for some very negative experiences which could soon be upon us. I encourage you to buy and read the book “ Harbinger” by prophet Jonathan Cahn. After reading this book you will know what Is happening to America and has happened to America in detail.

1. Our politicians don’t seem to be interested in controlling their wild spending habits. I believe we will soon experience a total financial collapse. If and when that happens, could our political system collapse as well?

2. Much, if not most of the food available in supermarkets today starts out as highbred and/or genetically modified grain, corn, and soybeans. Scientists have tried to improve on God’s creation by genetically altering the seeds hoping to increase production of these crops. However, this soon created a new problem Animals and people consuming these genetically altered products are finding their health deteriorating. Honey bees seem to be dying from GMO crops which alone is pretty scary.. Also, some scientists are predicting that eventually a blight will develop which will destroy all genetically modified organisms creating a food shortage like the world has never seen. Only organically raised crops will be available and only on a very limited bases.

So, how do we prepare for all of the above if and when they do happen? For starters, we need to store food and water. Just this week my wife and I purchased an entire year’s supply of dehydrated food. We hope to continue buying some for friends and neighbors as well. Also, we need to think about growing our own garden. I also would suggest that in every community, one home owner with a large lawn, be willing to trade in his riding mower for a good quality rototiller. With the help of willing neighbors to help take care of this garden, A whole neighborhood could be supplied with organic garden produce from one sizable garden..

How do we prepare for a possible total collapse of our government and political system? If you think about it our constitution was originally designed to create a government by the people. What we ended up with is a government for the people. The good news is, we now have a new active “Restored Republic Of The United States Of America” with chapters in every state. Plus, our restored republic is financially supported by 180 nations who believe we are the only hope for a restored America. I want to encourage you to join your local chapter and become active.

Check out the following web site: http://www.republicfortheunitedstatesofamerica,org Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to help restore this wonderful nation to what it originally was intended to become..

In the meantime, eat well and remain healthy. Check out our website: For some of the world’s most delicious nutritionally balanced grass fed raw milk cheese shipped to your door.

In His Service,



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