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Farmstead Fresh April 2012 Newsletter
April 2, 2012, 5:25 pm
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Butter Verses Margarine

April 2012 News Letter by Eldore Hanni

During the past 60 years thousands of middle aged people Have died of heart disease simply because Medical doctors were giving nutritional advice to people which doctors had Little or no education in. They were instructing people to consume Margarine instead of butter, and artificial eggs instead Of chicken eggs. I can remember the first time I was served Margarine at a distant relatives house. The lady served us Margarine. A year or so later this lady died from a series of heart attacks at about age 40. I can also remember our margarine consuming Postmaster dying of a heart attack at age 42.

Margarine was originally manufactured to fatten turkeys. When it killed the turke

ys, the people who had their money invested in this research didn’t give up. They added a little color to this manufactured substance and advertised it as a substitute for butter. Their advertising efforts were very successful. But this greedy business venture has resulted in countless lost lives.

Margarine is but one molecule away from being plastic. And shares 27 ingredients with paint. Open a tub of margarine and leave it open in your garage or shaded area. Within a couple of days you will notice several things. No flies will go near it. It does not rot or smell differently. Nothing will grow on it. Why?, Because it is nearly plastic. Would you melt your Tupper Ware and spread that on your toast?

Even butter made from pasteurized cream, is healthier than the highest quality margarine. And then there is raw cream butter which is loaded with health benefits unlike any other food. Sadly it is illegal for us to sell raw cream butter. But sometimes we need to obey God rather than man. Home Made raw cream butter is available from certain farms. Raw cream butter is so healthy that some people are willing to pay as much as $14.00 lb for it. Check out westonaprice foundation for sources of raw cream butter. Absolutely excellent food for pregnant mothers. There are capsules of raw butter oil available from which is an excellent product loaded with beneficial nutrients. Raw cream butter was consumed by many people for hundreds of years during which time heart disease was almost unheard of.

The word RAW in food is becoming ever more popular. Here at Farmstead Fresh we are known To be producing some of the world’s most delicious nutritionally balance grass fed raw milk cheese on planet earth. We ship nationwide and we even have free shipping available. Check our web site,

In His service,

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