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Farmstead Fresh July 2012 Newsletter
June 28, 2012, 5:28 pm
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Raw Fruit Is The Most Important Food Depending On How It Is Consumed!

July News Letter by Eldore Hanni

Never eat fruit after a meal! Fruit should always be eaten on an empty stomach. Eating fruit on an empty stomach plays a major role in detoxifying our body supplying it with a great deal of energy for weight loss and life activities. All raw fruit has an anti cancer alkaline effect on our body. However, if we first eat other foods before eating fruit, the fruit is trapped and prevented from entering the intestines. It will ferment and rot and have an acidic effect on our body. The fruit mixes with other putrefying foods thereby producing gas and bloating.

If we have mastered the correct way of eating raw fruit, we have the secret of Beauty, Longevity, Health, Energy, Happiness, and normal weight. Also, never drink fruit juice other than freshly squeezed raw juice. Don’t eat cooked fruit, you don’t get the nutrients, only the taste. A 3 day fruit fast is a good way to cleanse our body. Eat raw fruit and drink raw fruit juice for 3 days and you will be surprised when your friends say how radiant you look. Drinking freshly squeezed raw fruit juice is very health promoting. But eating the raw fruit is even better. Personally, I’m a Blue Berry freak. I eat lots of Blue Berries every day. I always eat my raw fruit before eating cheese & crackers or any other food.

As a side note, drinking cold water after a meal promotes cancer. cold water will solidify any oily foods we have just consumed which slows digestion. It is best to drink hot soup, hot drink, or warm water after a meal.

In addition to the health benefits of consuming raw fruit on an empty stomach, I also want to introduce you to the health benefits of consuming grass fed raw milk cheese. Most cheese products available in super markets are produced from force fed dairy cattle which produce up to 3 times as much milk as a grass fed cow normally produces. Force fed cattle are never healthy animals. They also produce milk which is nutritionally imbalanced. The cheese produced from this milk is therefore also nutritionally imbalanced. In addition to that, the milk is usually pasteurized prior to making cheese which destroys many nutrients thereby placing the product into a junk food class.

Here at Farmstead Fresh, we have made great efforts to correct all of the above. Our cheese products are only made from grass fed raw milk totally balanced nutritionally. Check us out. Learn all about us. We ship nation wide. Free shipping is available.

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