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Farmstead Fresh August 2013 Newsletter Q & A
September 4, 2013, 4:11 pm
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Question: Can I freeze your cheese?
Answer: Yes, you can freeze our cheese. Just be careful to wrap well with freezer wrap to avoid freezer burn. Then when you are ready to use the cheese please thaw slowly in the refrigerator to avoid change in the texture. Our cheese lasts for months in its original wrap without freezing, it will age slightly (get a stronger flavor) when kept refrigerated for several months.

Question: Why are Organic methods more expensive than non-organic methods for milk production and cheese production?
Answer: Organic farms do not give their cows additional hormones (rBST) that non-organic farms use to increase milk production per cow. Therefore only the natural amount of milk comes from the cow as nature intended. So less milk per cow makes the milk more expensive and valuable. More expensive milk makes more expensive cheese. Also our cheese maker does not fortify the milk that other cheese makers may do to increase the pounds of cheese per 100 pounds of milk. For example the normal amount of cheese from 100 pounds of milk would be around 10 lbs. With fortification a cheese maker can get as much as 12 pounds of cheese from 100 pounds of milk which would decrease their cost per pound of cheese.

Question: Is our Raw Milk Grass Fed Cow cheese considered a health food?
Answer: Yes, it definitely is! Research at Utah State University has confirmed that cows grazing on pasture have up to 500% more Conjugated Linoleic Acid in milk fat which are very potent Cancer fighters. They also found additional calcium and protein as well as vitamins in grass fed milk!.
Next month I hope to have an interview with our cheese maker!

Lenore (Hanni) Spade
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