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Farmstead Fresh July 2013 Newsletter Q & A
September 4, 2013, 4:10 pm
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Question: I received my order and the cheese is warm. Isn’t it spoiled?

Answer: Cheese does not spoil like milk spoils when warm for too long. As a matter of fact, part of our curing and aging process requires our cheese to be at room temperatures for up to three weeks, so another few days will not harm the cheese. Just refrigerate the cheese when you receive it so it can firm up a bit before you try to slice or cube it for serving. And just a tip: when you are ready to serve our cheese, allow it to warm up a bit for better flavor.

Question: Are the cows we get our milk from only grass-fed? If so, then what do the cows eat in the winter?
Answer: Yes, the Jersey Cows our cheese maker gets her milk from are grass-fed cows. In the winter they eat hay and silage (fermented grass collected during the Summer/Fall).

Question: Does the grass-fed cow milk come from Organic Farms?

Answer: One of the farms is certified Organic. The other farm uses Organic methods but is not certified.

Question: Why did we stop selling Goat Cheese?

Answer: After discovering that the goat farmer was not using Organic methods we made the decision to stop selling it once our inventory was sold out. We do not have an Organic goat farmer near us. Also goats do not thrive on grass alone; they need other feed to supplement the grass. Many goat farmers are using feed with GMO (genetically modified organisms) in it. They feel they cannot afford the more expensive Organic feed that is available.
More FAQ’s next month!

Lenore (Hanni) Spade
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