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Farmstead Fresh October 2013 Newsletter
October 2, 2013, 1:36 pm
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Grass Fed, Raw Milk

Sustainable Agriculture dairy cows are fed only grass, hay, and/or sprouts.
Dairy cows spend most of their time grazing on grass lands thereby replenishing the soil with natural fertilizer. No artificial fertilizers used. Soil is loaded with organic soil producing earth worms.

The average sustainable agriculture grass fed dairy cow produces about 3 gallons of milk per day. This milk is nutritionally dense and nutritionally balanced. It contains as much omega 3 as omega 6, and is rich in cancer fighting conjugated linoleic acid.

Grass fed cows are contented healthy cows. They have an average productive life of 12 years. No antibiotics needed. No toxic sprays used on the land. The average sustainable agriculture family farm consists of 30 dairy cows. They are never in crowded conditions. There is little or no land, stream, or water table pollution. There also are no offensive oders on sustainable agriculture farms

Dairy products made from sustainable agriculture grass, hay, and sprout fed raw milk, are delicious, nutritious, and very healthy to consume. Corporate dairy cows are fed hay, toxic corn silage, toxic soybeans, and a lot of toxic grain.

Dairy cows are mostly force fed in crowded conditions to produce 3 times as much milk as created to produce. Mostly artificial fertilizers are used on the land on which no earth worms can live. Force fed corporate dairy cows produce about 9 gallons of milk per day. This milk is nutriently imbalanced and diluted. Actually making it a sickness producing food product. It contains little omega 3, and very little conjugated linoleic acid.

Force fed dairy cows have a very stressful productive life of only 3 ½ years. Much of their feed contains toxins. Their health problems require antibiotics.

The average corporate dairy farm contains between 200 and 500 dairy cows. These animals often live in unhealthy crowded conditions resulting in severe land, stream, and water table pollution. Sick smelling odors are almost unbearable.

Most dairy products made from toxic laden force fed dairy animals are not healthy to consume. Some of these products may even contribute to cancer.
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