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Farmstead Fresh June 2014 Cheese Special
June 3, 2014, 5:08 pm
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What our customers are saying:

From Colorado:


“There is something wrong with your cheese.  When we have friends or family visit, the first thing that they ask me is:  ‘Have you gotten more cheese, if you did can I have a grilled cheese sandwich or a homemade pizza, or crackers and cheese or a plain cheese sandwich with mayo, or even just have a couple of nice big slices and nothing else so I can just enjoy the flavor.  mmmmm   mmmmm   such grand cheese.”


From Tennessee:

“We loved the cheeses.”

From New York:

“We have more friends from church that really want to try your cheese too. We rave about it lol. And we are about out of mozzarella so we would like to refresh our supply! Thanks for being a great company with great products!”

From Utah:

“Thank you for making such great cheese. Our customers love it and so do we!”

From Connecticut:

“I just placed my second order for your delicious raw Havarti cheese.  I just had to say it’s the best cheese I have ever tasted and it’s the only cheese I’ve tried that does not give me sinus congestion. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making it available to the world at large! I’m hooked!  Obviously, your cows are much happier than the ones in California!  ;-)”

From Texas:

“We loved your cheese! And we need to order again!”

From California:

“It’s time to order some more of your delicious cheese!”

From Texas:

“We really appreciate your good quality and good tasting cheese!”

From New Mexico:

“Thank you for your fabulous cheese!”

From Ohio:

“We are all out of your delicious cheese again and so we would like to place another order.”

From Kentucky:

“Hallelujah! Thank you. I don’t like to be without your cheese.”

From Hawaii:

“Thank you for making wonderful cheese! Keep up the good work!”



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